Our Vision

We envision a just, humane, and healthy community in which all people are given respect, dignity and the opportunity to achieve their full potential through meaningful social inclusion that is free from discrimination.

Person centered approach

We are committed to ensuring that the needs of the people being served are at the center of the mental health system.

Social Justice

We are committed to a basic sense of fairness, a respect for differences among
people, and believe that every human being deserves an equal opportunity in life.

Self Determination

We respect differences among people and the right of every individual and community to make informed choices and decisions based on individual beliefs and community norms.


We are committed to services being available to those most in need, ensuring that individuals will not experience significant difficulties utilizing them. Services will be flexible and responsive to individual needs.


We are committed to a holistic approach to health services based on the determinants of  health. We recognize that a combination of physical, mental, emotional and social issues impact n the mental health of all individuals.


We are committed to the highest possible standards of management and operations to meet the needs and expectations of the community.


We encourage innovative ideas that are responsive to changing attitudes and needs in the community.


We must be true to our mission and values and dedicated to promoting public trust and a sense of confidence within the organization.