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Therapeutic Consultation

Services are covered by two of the Developmental Disability (DD) waivers:

Family and individual Support | (FIS)Community Living (CL)


Behavioral Concerns

Communication Skills

Social Skills

Vocational Skills

Safety Skills

Saily Living Skills


Theraputic Consultation can address

  • Focus on person-centered and trauma-informed therapeutic outcomes

  • Thorough behavioral assessment for challenging behaviors

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) assesses the reasons for and conditions under which challenging behaviors occur

  • A Behavior Support Plan (BSP) is developed to determine the best evidence-based interventions for the individual

  • Thorough functional skill assessment to focus on strength-based approaches

  • Highly individualized- input is obtained from individuals and/ or caregivers with a focus on autonomy, dignity, and quality of life for the individual

  • Provides parents/caregivers with data collection methods to track progress on goals

  • Ongoing training and consultation with a licensed Behavior Analyst in a flexible format; including phone and telehealth

  • Licensed Behavioral Analysis complete supportive services, such as data compilation/ analysis, making necessary materials, and updating assessments and plans.

  • Services and consultative, ranging from weekly to monthly hours depending on need.

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